Why Benedict Company

Superior Experience, Personal Service, Quick Results

Since 1983, we’re enterprise-class, professional salvors, with the deep professional experience you need
for the best and fastest financial payout for your salvage.

  • Competitive Pricing

    As your premier, long-term partner for salvage solutions, we always provide the best bid possible. We’ll review other bids to meet or beat as needed, whenever possible.

  • Buyer Network

    During the past three decades, we’ve amassed a proprietary list of industry contacts, to ensure the fastest sale of your cargo at the highest price. Our exclusive network of contacts enables us to get the best price for your salvage, swiftly.

  • Fast Results

    Benedict Company is renowned for achieving quick resolution. For example, our goal for perishable salvage is to find a buyer within 60 minutes, and get your salvage moving.

  • Deep Experience

    As salvors since 1983, we offer the experience you need to get the best financial return on salvage, as fast as possible. With a deep understanding of salvage problems, we know how to solve those problems for the best financial resolution, as quickly as possible.

  • Personal Service

    Some salvage companies consist solely of websites with automated listings, relying entirely on chance inbound traffic. You’ll need a lot of luck and patience to get your salvage sold. In contrast, Benedict Company offers live, personalized service, and our experienced team will aggressively outbound market your salvage for the best price.

  • Account Executives

    At Benedict Company, your salvage is immediately assigned an account executive, who ensures prompt, responsive service. Human effort – and going the extra mile – is essential to successfully selling your cargo for the highest return. We also provide more transparency in the salvage process.

  • Superior Communication

    With your eye on the financial bottom line, you deserve prompt communication. With your personal account executive managing each claim, we’re always accessible promptly by email, phone or text.

We look forward to helping you with all your salvage disposition needs.